Chris Brown

A fanatic friend introduce to me the music of Chris Brown in 2009. The very first song I’ve heard is With You. In that instant, Chris Brown became my daily habit for over a year. The music videos of his songs are continuously playing over and over in my room and even at work.

When the Rihanna dispute came I felt really bad but Chris Brown remained my number 1 music superstar. Along with his five years probation and six months community service, he never failed to impress his followers with the continuous pouring of his talents as a singer, songwriter, dancer and even as an actor.

In a recent report, on March 22, 2011 after his performance and an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, he was allegedly became violent in his dressing room due to unguarded interview of the Rihanna situation and the restraining order. It was reported that he threw something at a window causing damage to it, then Chris Brown took off his shirt and after several angry confrontations with the segment producer, staff and security, he left the building shirtless.

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Despite these controversies, Chris Brown will always be Chris Brown no matter what.

Here are some his music videos:


Gerald Anderson

Many have witnessed how Gerald Anderson transformed from a teenage reality television star to a hot sought after celebrity in the Philippines. When he placed 2nd in the Teen Edition of Pinoy Big Brother behind now actress, Kim Chiu, he immediately captured many Filipinos by his charm, looks and appeal. He became an instant star and appeared in numerous television shows and films.

As he reached stardom and became the center of some showbiz controversies, Gerald Anderson never failed to impress his followers and fans not only in his home country but from other parts of the world.

He had grown so much and turned into one of the hottest star in the Philippines:

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And recently, Gerald Anderson starred in the film, Catch Me I’m In Love with pop princess, Sarah Geronimo.

Alex Pettyfer

Alex Pettyfer at a young age of 20 (turning 21 this April 10, 2011) has achieved so much already in his acting and modeling life.

This English heartthrob began fashion modeling at a tender age of 7 for Gap apparel. From then on, he became the face of numerous magazines and one of his notable ad campaigns is Burberry.

Alex Pettyfer first landed an acting role in the British television production of Tom Brown’s Schooldays. On the same year, he filmed Stormbreaker.

And this year, he played a starring role in the blockbuster movies, I Am Number Four with Glee star, Diana Agron (who happened to be his ex-girlfriend) and in Beastly with Vanessa Hudgens.

He is set to appear in the film Now together with Justin Timberlake which will be shown this October 28, 2011 under 20th Century Fox.

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Here are the I Am Number Four and Beastly trailers:

Sam Milby

During the Big Brother Philippine franchise, Sam Milby hit the country by storm. He climbed to stardom unexpectedly despite controversies.

This Ohio born lad moved to the Philippines in 2005 and seen on different commercials before appearing in the reality show, Pinoy Big Brother. From then on, he rose to fame showcasing his talents as an actor, host, singer and eventually as a print and ramp model.

He appeared in numerous television shows and filmed over 10 movies under the exclusive supervision of  Star Magic, an ABS-CBN Broadcasting talent management company.

Sam Milby’s most publicized ad campaign is Folded & Hung. Here are some of his photographs:

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Here’s the Behind The Scene of F&H’s Cocheala Ad Campaign:

Andrés Velencoso

Andrés Velencoso tops in my other blog, The Queer Lifestyle under the segment, Model On Spotlight. This Spanish supermodel is significantly identified with Australian pop singer, Kylie Minogue.

With Andrés Velencoso’s towering height of 6 feet 2 inches, he’s currently one of the sought after models of the world. He is best known for ad campaigns such as Chanel Allure Homme, Sport Frangrance and Louis Vuitton with Jennifer Lopez in 2003.

Andrés Velencoso bears his mother’s name Lucia tattooed on the left side of his chest. This is his way of commemorating his mother after her death in 2002. And according to report on April 2009, he also had his girlfriend’s name, Kylie, tattooed just below his hip as a sign of his devotion.

Here are some of his photographs from CoverMenMag website:

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Cristiano Ronaldo

A year ago, when I was browsing my old Facebook account, I saw this hot sports icon named Cristiano Ronaldo. I’m not a fan of any football groups or games but when I saw him, everything changed. His physique and appeal made a huge impact not only in the world of sports but to many people as well.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugese descent and some of his outstanding achievements in his chosen sports, made him one of the sexiest sports icon in the world. He was even tagged as a Gay Icon as his mass appeal continuously dominating. A proof of which his Facebook account reached over 10 million followers last August 2010 and making him the first non-American personality ever achieved that specific fan based on the social networking site.

Last year, in his Facebook and Twitter accounts, he proudly announced of being a father to a baby boy to an anonymous mother. Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo has been dating a Russian model, Irina Shayk.

Besides football, Cristiano is also a certified product endorser and model for Emporio Armani. Here are some of his photographs:

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Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon)


Few years ago, I saw this versatile artist in a local Korean television comedy-drama series, Full House. Rain played a famous actor, Lee Young-Jae in the series who got romantically involved with Han Ji-Eun (Song Hye-Kyo) the former owner of the Full House.

The series was very successful as it was broadcasted in various other countries including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Israel, Cambodia and the United States. His performance in the drama won him the Best Actor Award at the KBS Acting Awards.

This artist is considered the first Korean to rise in stardom outside his native country. Rain sold over millions of records from his seven albums and made concert tours history in Asia and even in the United States.

Rain appeared in an American film, Speed Racer (2008), where he played a racer Taejo Togokahn. This was the benchmark of his acting career as he landed a starring role in the action packed film, Ninja Assassin in 2009.

Portraying as a ninja fighter in this film, Rain earned a Biggest Badass Award from the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, and he became the first Korean to receive an award.

Besides from acting and singing, Rain also launched his own clothing line, Six To Five where he models and designs the apparrels.

Here’s the Ninja Assassin trailer:

Rainism Music Video:

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